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Best footballers

Best Footballers is a site dedicated to the best footballers in the world.

By football we mean the game where you kick a round ball with your foot and get penalised for using your hands unless you are the goal keeper. This site is not about other games that pretend to be football, but really should be called handegg or some other descriptive. So the site has no content on sports that use an egg shaped ball.

Football HandeggThe site also isn’t about soccer leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, etc, and nor is it dedicated to football teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Manchester United. Although we do mention teams and leagues, it is from the context of the players.

The title of the site says it all. We are about the best footballers in the world. We have player bios, player comparisons, best players lists, and even a best goals and skills category. The site has lots of stats, information, photos, and videos from the best footballers on the planet.


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