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Goals win games and listed below are the top 20 goals of all time (with videos). We also have Golden Shoe and Champions League stats in the tabs below. Do you agree with our list? What goals did we miss?

Over the history of the game, there have been thousands of incredible goals. Here is our top 25 list of the best goals scored in the history of the game. While it is very hard to choose the best goals from such a big pool, and whether you agree with our list or not, these goals will amaze and wow any skeptic.

Without further ado, here is the list. Starting at no 22, navigate your way down to reveal the no 1 goal of all time.

(22) Beckham's Long Range Strike vs Wimbledon →

(21) Stoppelkamp's record 82-metre goal →

(20) Theo Walcott's solo goal against Newcastle →

(19) Mauro Bressan's goal against Barcelona →

(18) Brazilian Ronaldo's goal against Compostela →

(17) Roberto Carlos Free Kick against France

(16) Beckham assist to Zidane for Real Madrid →

(15) Zlatan's amazing goal against Nac Breda →

(14) Zidane's goal in Champions League final

(13) Lionel Messi's goal against Athletic Bilbao →

(12) Zidane's goal against Deportivo →

(11) Grafite goal vs Bayern Munich 

(10) Christiano Ronaldo's goal against Porto 

(9) Lionel Messi's goal against Real Zaragoza 

(8) Neymar's goal against Flamengo 

(7) Ryan Giggs goal against Arsenal 

(6) Ronaldinho bicycle kick against Villareal 

(5) Roberto Carlos Impossible Curve Goal →

(4) Zlatan’s bicycle kick against England

(3) Lionel Messi's goal in 2015 Copa del Rey final 

(2) Diego Maradona's goal vs England in 1986 World Cup  →

(1) Lionel Messi's goal against Getafe

Top 10 Impossible Goals video

Legendary Goals In Football History

The European Golden Shoe is presented to the leading goalscorer in league matches from the top division of every national league in Europe.

Points are awarded for goals and the difficulty of the league. For example, a goal in Estonia (Estonian Premier Division) is worth one point, while a goal in England (English Premier League) or Spain (La Liga) are worth 2 points.

The top spot alternates between Messi and Ronaldo.

The UEFA Champions League, is the the most prestigious club competition in European football and one of the most prestigious competitions of any sport in the world. The spreadsheet below records the current top scorers in the competition.

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