Brazilian lineup at PSG plus Neymar

Neymar PSG

Neymar is considering moving to PSG for these reasons. The money, the World Cup, and the Ballon d’Or.

Neymar knows his time has come. A move to PSG is about playing alongside a number of other Brazilian players. This would be good for Brazil’s World Cup chances as these players will have a whole season to become a tighter unit before the cup in one year.

Neymar’s initial move to Europe was at the late age of 21. This was in part to Neymar’s desire to play football Brazilian style. Now that he has risen to the top in Europe, perhaps it is time to get back to his roots and play Brazilian football his way in Europe.

Here is the reason for Neymar contemplating a move to Paris. PSG with Neymar could easily win the French League, possibly the Champions League (Neymar had the highest stats in UCL last season), and hopefully the Brazilians in PSG could help lift the World Cup one year from now. Such a feat would earn Neymar a Ballon d’Or. His chances may be less if he stays with Barca and in Messi’s shadow. Neymar is dreaming big, but he is torn between loyalty for Barcelona and playing with the best player in history, or creating his own legend. This is the struggle.

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