Crazy skills from Ronaldinho – A look back

Ronaldinho Barcelona

Before Messi, there was Ronaldinho Gaucho. Born on 21 March 1980, Ronaldinho as he is commonly known is a Brazilian footballer who played for clubs such as Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Barcelona.

While he was with Barcelona, he won his first league title in the 2004–05 season and was named World Player of the Year in 2004. During the 2005=06 season he was widely considered the undisputed champion of football and won his second World Player of the Year award. Having been voted the best player in the world twice put him in a very small elite group of multiple winners that included Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. He was also named the 2005 European Footballer of the Year.

During an El Clasico in the 2005-06 season Ronaldinho scored twice to help Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3–0. Upon scoring his second goal, Madrid fans performed a standing ovation which had only ever happened previously when Diego Maradona played for Barcelona. Ronaldinho said:

“I will never forget this because it is very rare for any footballer to be applauded in this way by the opposition fans.”

During his time with Barcelona, Ronaldinho mentored a young up and coming Lionel Messi. By the time Ronaldinho left Barcelona, Messi was well on his way to replacing him. Today, Messi is mentoring Neymar and perhaps one day, it will be Neymar’s turn to be the playmaker for Barcelona.

Here is a look at what is arguably Ronaldinho’s best goal followed by a video that shows his insane skills that wowed fans over the years.

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