Is this the greatest substitution of all time?

Robert Lewandowski 5 goals 2015

Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga game against Wolfsburg saw them one nil down in the first half. What was Pep Guardiola to do.

Pep GuardiolaWell he took Robert Lewandowski off the bench and something incredible happened. Pep had never seen anything like it, social media went into meltdown, and football fans the world over were amazed.

So what happened? Lewandowski scored a goal at close range within six minutes to level the score. Less than a minute later, he scored another goal, this time from outside the box. Two minutes later he scored a third goal and not only netted a hat-trick, but he netted the fastest Bundesliga hat-trick (4 minutes) of all time. This third goal was also a bit of a miracle. It took three attempts with his first strike hitting the post, then the goal keeper, but the rebound was favourable and he scored.

While this is an incredible result for Lewandowski , he was not done. Within another two minutes, he volleyed home goal number 4 and became the only Bundesliga substitute to score more than a hat-trick and he held the record for the fastest four goals in the history of Bundesliga. But did it end there. No it did not. Three minutes later he did the unthinkable and added a fifth goal with a flying acrobatic volley that alone could have earned him man of the match. In all, he scored five goals in nine minutes, a feat only achieved by two other players in the German league and he did it in the quickest time.

After the game, Bayern’s captain Philipp Lahm was obviously happy with the result, but he noted that Lewandowski could have actually netted seven goals as he missed two big opportunities. He half-jokingly said:

“You have to remain critical – Lewandowski could have grabbed seven tonight… he missed two big chances!”

Pep Guardiola couldnt believe his eyes. He said:

“This is something I have never experienced before. Five goals in nine minutes. Robert has been a great player in Germany and the world for some time now.

“I am very happy for Robert. For his confidence and our future this was extremely important.

“I can’t really understand it. Five goals. Neither as a coach nor as a player did I ever experience something like this and I can’t really explain it. Five goals against Wolfsburg are never easy.”

The Internet went into meltdown. Quips and comments came in thick and fast on social media and news sites.

“More goals in nine minutes than Liverpool this season.”

“Robert Lewandowski loses his **** mind.”

“Where were you when Robert Lewandowski scored five goals in nine minutes?”

“League goals scored in 2015/16:
Robert Lewandowski (8)
Barcelona (8)
Arsenal (5)
Liverpool (4)
Juventus (4)”

Watch this incredible feat for yourself.

Also watch Robert Lewandowski score four against Real Madrid back in 2013


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