Magical Messi delivers stunning skills in Barcelona win

Suarez Messi La Liga 2016

Lionel Messi showed why many consider him the greatest footballer of all time. In Barcelona’s 4-1 victory over Espanyol on Sunday, the Little Magician showed the world his tricks once again.

Lionel Messi aptly demonstrated why many consider him the greatest player of all time with multiple demonstrations of magic and wizardry on the pitch against Espanyol. While Luis Suarez had a great game and scored twice, it was the Argentine who impressed today with his two masterclass moments. His first nearly landed him a goal and had he scored it, the goal would be in his top five of all time. The Little Magician danced past four defenders like a hot knife through butter then struck at the goal with the keeper parrying the ball. Fortunately it landed favorably for Suarez who promptly tapped in. A minute later and Messi did it again, but this time he set up Jordi Alba for his goal. Sometimes one gets the feeling that if Messi wasn’t so generous, he could perhaps score a hat-trick in every match.

Barcelona vs Espanyol 4-1 highlights

Barcelona vs Espanyol 4-1 Full Highlights! One Of the Best Derby! All Hail King Messi!#BMS

Posted by The Barça Nation on Sunday, December 18, 2016

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