Neymar gets two goals vs Juventus amid PSG link

Neymar vs Juventus 2017

Brazilian sensation Neymar scored two incredible goals for Barcelona against Juventus on Saturday. His second being a certain contender for the FIFA Puskás Award.

With a potential move to PSG grabbing all the headlines at the moment, what we know so far is PSG are willing to meet the Barcelona star’s buyout clause of 222 million euros. Neymar is yet to agree to the deal or at least let the public know about it. In the meantime, he still plays for the Catalans and on Saturday he helped his team to a 2-1 win against Italian giants Juventus. While his first goal was good, the second was simply out of this world. Running along a long line of defenders he sidestepped them all, then struck the ball to beat the keeper. While the Brazilian stood out in the game, his team mate Lionel Messi looked rather tired. If you had to buy either player based on today’s performance, you would buy Neymar. His efforts in the match further prove his value and why he is the most sought after player in world football. It’s not as if he was playing against a weak team, we are talking about Juventus after all.

If PSG can meet the massive buyout clause as reported, that would more than double the current world record transfer fee paid recently when Manchester United bought Paul Pogba. In other breaking news, Liverpool has just rejected a Barcelona bid for Coutinho. Such a buy would be good for Barcelona, especially if Neymar does move as he plays in the same position. However, it might also be a way to keep Neymar at Barcelona, so he can play alongside his international teammate.

But why would Neymar want to move to PSG from one of the best clubs in the world? First he would get more wages and would also become the most expensive transfer of all time, and would likely hold that record for years. The attention would help his image and sponsorship deals too. Further, his dad who is also Neymar’s manager would bag around 40 million euros in the deal. Financially it makes sense for Neymar and his family.

Another good reason for the move is his current second fiddle status to Messi, who just signed a new 5 year deal with Barcelona. While Messi has taught Neymar the ropes, it seems time to move away from Messi’s shadow and become the main player of his own team. Let’s for argument sake say Neymar did move to PSG, it would seem almost certain that they would win the French League with Monaco as the main rival. But PSG really want to land the Champions League and if they could do that, then Neymar could win his first Ballon d’Or and thereby break the Messi/Ronaldo winning streak for the first time in 10 years. But how realistic would Champions League be? Absolutely possible is the answer. PSG lost out to Barcelona in a second aggregate Champions League thriller where the Catalans scored 6 goals on the day to oust PSG from the competition. And who was the man of that match? None other than Neymar of course. This was the furthest PSG had ever got in Champions League, but if they had Neymar, well they might just have lifted the trophy itself rather than bowing out.

Another major reason for the move to PSG is the current Brazilian line up there. Neymar would play alongside a number of national teammates including: Thiago Silva (captain), Marquinhos, Lucas Moura, Maxwell, and of course ex Barcelona player and friend Dani Alves. But why is this important? With the World Cup less than a year away, having a number of Brazilian teammates playing together in a club would help them gel together on the international stage too. Earlier on, Neymar wanted Coutinho to play at Barcelona, but it was reported that Messi wanted Argentine player Dybala. Perhaps it was not too hard to see what was going on. Messi needs to win a World Cup before he gets too old and having Dybala in his club team would help them play together better in the World Cup. Neymar however wanted a more Brazilian Barcelona team and play alongside Coutinho for example.

So it looks like things may have come to a head with Messi signing a new 5 year contract and in doing so, removing any doubt of him moving on. We have been saying for a while now that you cannot have two kings in any team and Prince Neymar wants to be king. At 25 years of age, he needs to change a few things to make this happen and now is a good time to make these changes.

Juventus vs Barcelona 1-2

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