Ronaldinho told Kobe Bryant who would be the greatest

Kobe Bryant and Ronaldinho - 2015

Ronaldinho and Kobe Bryant are good friends. In their heyday both were the best in their respective sports. One day Ronaldinho wanted Bryant to meet a young player who he said would become the greatest player of all time.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant is a soccer fan. In fact he once said that soccer is his favorite sport. A number of years ago, Barcelona FC did a pre-season tour to Los Angels, and Kobe met up with his long-time friend Ronaldinho. The Brazilian wanted Bryant to meet a player who he said would become the greatest footballer of all time. That player was seventeen year old Lionel Messi.

“Hey, Kobe, I’m going to introduce you to the guy who’s going to be the greatest player of all time,”

Was Ronaldinho right? Of course Lionel is still an active player, but once he retires, he will at least be part of the ‘who is the greatest of all time’ conversation along with Pele and Maradona. Of course Messi could be considered the greatest of all time by most when he retires. If he continues his current form for say the next three or four years, then yes that is a huge possibility. For now, Messi has broken nearly every Barcelona and La Liga record going and has five Ballon d’Ors to his name, that is two more than only a few players who have managed three. He also has a whopping 432 goals from 506 games, four Champions League medals, and seven domestic titles. Best of all, he is 28 years of age and still has a number of years left at the top.

Ronaldinho Introduces Messi to Kobe Bryant

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