Ronaldo first to reach 100 Champions League goals

Ronaldo vs Bayern Munich 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo’s brace against Bayern Munich sees him reach 100 goals in Champions League

The 32 year old Real Madrid striker may not have the speed he once had. He may not be that winger who skipped past three players to score. But his skills inside the box are deadly as ever. A spectacular brace from Ronaldo on Wednesday gave Real Madrid a 2-1 win in their first leg. That is a two away goal advantage in their return leg at Santiago Bernabéu on the 19th. Meanwhile rivals Barcelona lost 3-0 against Juventus in their first leg and need to pull off a miracle like they did against PSG.

The race to 100 goals in Champions League was hotly contested between Ronaldo and Messi. While the Argentine has 97 goals and had the chance to be first, he has also played 25 less matches in Champions League.

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 1-2 video

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