Zlatan Ibrahimovic hangs up his boots for Sweden

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s last game for Sweden ended when his team were knocked out of Euro 2016 from their 1-0 loss to Belgium. He managed 62 goals in 116 games in his international career during his fifteen years playing for Sweden.

Zlatan is also not going to Rio, but it is understood that he will continue to play club football with Manchester United being the likely club. He is yet to confirm this though. During his international career he proved to be the greatest player in Sweden’s history. He debuted at 19 years old and scored in his first competitive match – a World Cup qualifier back in 2002. He eventually captained his team in the Euro 2012 qualifiers and scored one of the best goals of the tournament against France. His greatest match was a friendly against England in 2012 when he scored all four goals in a 4-2 win. That was the most goals scored against England by a single player in one match. His fourth goal dubbed ‘the fourth goal’ was arguably the greatest goal ever scored on a football pitch, as one commentator put it. After Joe Hart headed the ball away from the goal, Ibrahimovic pulled off an incredible 35 yard overhead kick which went over the keeper and found the back of the net. The audacity to even attempt such a goal would never be considered by most other players, never mind actually pulling it off.

Zlatan’s overhead kick against England

The Swede was once asked if his unique style of play was “Swedish style Yugoslavian style?” He quipped, “Of course not. It has to be Zlatan-style.” His humor is notorious for showing off his huge ego and while he jokes about being a giant name in football, at 6 foot 5, he technically is a giant. Back home in Sweden he is a house-hold celebrity and regularly appears on television in in ads and on the news. His larger than life stature has spawned a genre of jokes related to Ibrahimovic. One joke suggests that his email address is: [email protected]

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